Cyrus Froning
I was born and raised on a small island in Washington
state known for its strong artistic community. In
school I practiced pottery and illustration and worked
in construction before studying spatial design at
Artcenter College of Design. These pursuits gave me
a deep appreciation for the human touch in design.
Design gave me the opportunity to praise the natural
and irregular and appreciate the smaller details that
enrich our lives.

Spatial Design allows me to study the unique
bisection of the haptic and kinesthetic experiences.
I design with a focus on the human scale and an
interest in residential, retail, and renovations. As
designers, we can imagine an architecture that
invites more intimate interactions with sustainability
and sensuality.

Email /
Instagram / @froningcyrus
Phone / 360 622 9002
DOC 234—34/2

DEUS:   088/26812—81
REX-13: 978-0882681/283
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